Bardo in Prague

 caosImpermanence is suffering

It can also be the path

It’s not just about being happy

When there is chaos

It’s about being free

From multiple contradictions

And supportive opposites

In any form of existence

Still I make that wish that shoot

Into the sky as comets do

When they pass us by

To be in that colorful circus

Even if I know it as illusion

Threatening to bark

Like a barking deer

There seems too many things here

Butterflies and bumble bees

Parading on the streets

Bits and pieces of leaves

Running in and out of doors

Still I make that wish to take

A second look at the mischievous clown

Who has still a thing or two to teach     

                                                                                    Prague April 2006

               * A poem I wrote about impermanence when I am in in-between retreats when I am neither here or there, this state of mind is often chaotic and funny in the way it perceives things, and yet sometimes it makes sense or even sees things profoundly.

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