By the sea

wave15The sea and its rhythms echoing at a distance,

Slows down the pace of blood,

Cools down the fires of the heart.

Listening to how the waves break

Against hardened rock faces,

Inspires confidence and patience

Of perseverance over vicissitudes.

On this clear day

The mimosas from a far flung continent

Display their blooming golden pride

In a mild Mediterranean winter,

A lazy mood hovers over the silver glares

Cast by the sun upon the sea.

On a stormy night,

The earth and vegetation sings and sighs,

As windows and doors rattle.

Even on the darkest of nights

You know that Nature is very much alive.

Discerning present conditions,

I let perception trace back into past formations.

The familiar had become strange,

What was lost, found again is never the same.

Origins are interwoven with causes that

You never knew but now you do.

Time it seems has no ultimate beginning

Repetitve cycles remind with chants

Of lessons to be learnt.

No, it’s not about seeking new beginnings,

Knowledges of its causes is sufficient.

That cessation is not as important as the peace that it brings.


La Francesca, Italy,

18 January 2008


* Giancarlo had found me a pretty place by the Italian coast for a small private retreat. There were only 5 of us besides me. We took turns in the kitchen, and one day we had Italian cuisine and another Chinese and yet another, Czech. What's nice about it is that it is like a small family.

 I noticed that the weather here is absolutely marvelous, very mild. Perched on rocky cliffs overlooking the sea gives one a very open feeling. I came again another year.






























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