The rise of the Dragon of clear light

light1The Vipassana Dragon is not only invisible and formless. It is also signless (animmitta). It is a creature of the beyond and so untouched by worldly defilements and notions. Yet it finally overcomes everything!

There will come a moment, when the insight matures, to bring about a turn in the Consciousness, powerful enough to rocket away from the formations; sharp and transcendental enough to perceive the nature of the unconditioned.

That is where the link with the ‘other side’ is made, and once known cannot be erased. That is when delusion’s shell is cracked and the king’s soldiers and men no matter how many, cannot put it back again a stupid, indulgent and negligent ‘HUMPTY DUMPTY’.

Such is the wonder of transcendental insight. Once seen, it will always be within until it completely takes over. There is no turning back and that is just as well!

Would you want to return to suffering? Some would think so for the sake of compassion. But, would that be possible? It seems it is possible to delay it, but not for too long. Some are so compassionate that they would not risk the chance of leaving out any poor beings. To each its own!

From Bhante Sujiva book: Footpaths through the wild mists of Mount Illusion

Copyright 2015 Sujiva

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