Bodyworld Milano 22-10-2012


When the heart beats,

The over 96,500 arteries and capillaries follow,

The extensive network of nerves sends out countless impulses,

The hundreds of bones, muscles and joints move in unison

With great complexity and harmony they work and act,

The body operates in many ways unseen and unknown,

When there is joy, together they work and play,

The body is then a theatre and stadium,

When there is faith, together they meditate and pray,

The body is then a church and temple.

It can do countless of actions in those few years

Before it returns as dust to the Earth.


If one can witness and observe the invisible mental forces behind them

That are more complicated and subtler than what the eyes can see,

That run many times faster, that change much more quicker,

That spreads infinitely in another limitless inner space,

Then one can understand that it reaches to the ends of the universes.

Those people who had their bodies plastinated

And beautifully exhibited here,

Where have their Consciousness gone?

These people who are still alive and walking around,

How is their Consciousness behaving?

Will they be any wiser and kinder before their time is up?

Merrily, unnoticed, life quickly passes by,

Impersonally, unsuspected, creation weaves out more worlds.

When our pathways meet, the labyrinths of existences intertwine,

The puzzles and black holes replicate and multiply.

the archer

Observe the ‘Archer’,

The mind fixed in concentration to the target,

All bodily systems and tissues were held in position,

The hands, the legs, the body and most of all the arms and the eyes,

Many parts of the action known, many other parts unknown,

All forces moving, meeting at a point,

A rocket shooting to the moon,

All in a moment of time.

basket player

Observe the ‘Basketball Player’,

It’s the same as in the ‘Archer’

Except that the target, the ball is in motion,

In various bounces, spins and shoots in projectiles,

With the body systems and mind processes dancing around it,

What mathematical formulas are needed to express it?

2 universes revolving around a little planet.


Observe the ‘Skier’ whose body is split into two,

A balance between the right and left sides,

Held in the center by the spine and mind.

Concentration holds them together from the inside,

Emotions and volition propel forward what is outside.

2 heavenly horses leading Indra’s chariot,

2 wings of the immortal crane in flight.


Observe the 3 ‘card players’ at the table,

One dance had multiplied into three.

The 3 body systems interact with 3 mind systems,

The body systems respond with thousands of changes

To millions of thought processes and vice versa,

They all revolve around the game, an abstract concept.

All for a kind of victory. But what is at stake?

For Pride or dollars? For fun or just for passing time?

It doesn’t seem quite right does it?

3 planets with moons in orbit running in endless circles round

A questionable center, probably the Dark Lord himself,

Delusion with a face of an ego concept.


The ‘Couple’ in embrace tells of emotions in play,

Thus the mind processes become less predictable

And unexpected surge s of passions puzzle the rational mind.

How the body reacts, one can guess,

Perhaps to produce a third party

And in the process that complicates and produces more

Mind and body processes.

Again, what’s the point of all these?

Love sweet love? Procreation of the human species?

Chromosomes at work and calculating which trait to adopt and which not.

Chances compete with possibilities in a win or lose case.

It’s like a Lover’s Roulette

2 hearts, 2 universes rolling round something called LOVE.

life saver

Observe the ‘life saver’ administering CPR,

One life saves another,

One mind–body complex saves another,

2 persons, 2 lives, 2 purposes,

How much does that WHO know what it is

And WHO AND WHAT is being saved?

Here the Consciousness of compassion is the life giver.

The recipient is a mind-body complex undergoing rapid degeneration.

2 batteries linked to each other

It’s a wish tied to a hope.


A picture missing here is the ‘meditator’.

The scenario will then be centered on the consciousness

Which in turn revolves around its object of contemplation..

How much of the development that occurs inside

That can be measured or seen in the body

Is a challenging question.

Up to a point the mind can forget the body completely,

Breathing can stop and all becomes still,

Up to a point perception abandons form for the formless,

And finally transcends conditioned Reality.

What then would that do to the body systems?

The snake sheds away its skin,

The butterfly abandons its chrysalis,

Man renounces all identities,

Energies become a meaningless.

                                                                                     22.10.2012.   Milano, Italy.


           “It is something that you must see.” Giancarlo told me on the phone.

           “What’s it about?” I asked.

           “ Something they do with dead bodies.”

           “ You know my taste very well.” I replied with a grin.

It was an exhibition of plastinated bodies, i.e. the work by the scientist Gunther von Hagen’s who used the bodies of donors to undergo a process called plastination. The corpse including its soft parts such as the liver and lungs can also have some rigidity and is stabilized. It serves especially useful in the study of human anatomy.

For us meditators, they become excellent objects for ‘recollection of body parts’. The way it was displayed is certainly amazing and artistic, and with the sayings included in the posters, it gives a meaningful touch to the exhibition. It seems they make an emphasis to the heart. The heart does have a close bearing to the Consciousness and the brain to the mind. Since the mind is formless, I wonder how can one make it possible to display and make understood its inner workings.








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