pisaAn elegant inclination

A marble finger pointing to a different sky

A perfect symbol of an imperfect interior

Crooked steps leading up crooked stairs

Gravity took leave from normal routine

To work ways discordant with visual symmetry

Thus perception too became distorted

And Man walked crookedly in crooked space.

Different configurations that harmonises

Material laws and cognitive co-ordinates

It manages marginally

Back down and outside

I thanked the angels I did not trip

I noticed that everything around is also crooked

The baptistry leans to the other direction

The cathedral is bent and dented

All 3 slowly sway as you walk around and about

In this Piazza of crooked miracles

Only the cemetry stands firm

It remains loyal and true to Reality

Its long line of pillars allign vertically and straight

One should not jest about Death

After all, you die only once in a life time,

And it is important to die decently if not wisely..


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