The musician and artist


Play your last piece of music

On your violin of gold and silver,

So that violets and roses may blossom

By the side of your tomb

Paint one last picture

Of your face before you sleep

We will adorn it in carving

On that marble slab before thy grave.

 Death is silent, even your stringed pieces will be quiet,

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The Lovers


2 peas in a pod, cooked in a pot,

2 lovers on the bed, cold and dead,

 When Romeo met Juliet

A love flowered,

which they said was fate,

A fatal attraction which rendered them both soon dead.

 One comes alone, one departs the same,

Lovers who die together

Will be reborn as butterflies in the cemetery of monuments,

Happily ever after.

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1bisI travelled a long way from behind the snowy alps

To the portals of Death in Milano

His Necropolis

Where poets sang their final songs

Where sculptors carved their final words

Where martyrs shed their last drops of blood

Where Politicians gave their last great speeches

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The inevitable journey

3bisI must go, so set me free

She tries to keep him

She shall keep only agony

When Death comes with wings

Let him fly and take whatever and go where he wants,

Hang on to him and ride to a different world,

There is nothing that one can do now

But to leave and learn to accept

An ultimate reality.

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The fallen soldier

2bisPain screaming for several hours

Frozen for many more years for us

It was real in his life, that horror,

Now it’s but a reflection that lasts, that’s ours.

Life was cruel , Death was kind,

What was it that kept him in pain?

What is it that made it ours?

That fallen soldier, did he question his purpose?

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The Bride

5bisWhen Death comes in a carriage,

And offers you a bouquet of flowers,

Don on your fancy white gown and lacy veil,

Follow him in steps of grace.

Death’s bride is white, pure white,

While he is dressed in black, obscure black,

His bride’s face is pale, deadly pale,

Her family gathers as shadow pilgrims.

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The tired traveller

6bisCollapsed onto the ground,

He cannot get up, much less walk.

His staff is now useless,

He must lie down,

Put aside all the burden,

At life’s end there’s nothing that one can keep,

Return the body and all of ones possessions,

Be it wealth, love, name or computers,

Back to the dust and be seen no more,

Lie down, lie low and rest in peace.

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