Parallel Worlds

sentieri paralleliParallel things - The edge of the Irish Sea,

Waves lapping perpendicularly,

The pebbly beach with boulders,

Lined at the side to break,

The railway track running south,

The green inland with farms and hills,

Only the wind and birds crosses these lines.

But within the consciousness,

There are more parallel things

Such as lives and mental waves.

Come Volker! We’ll see how far we can go along this way

And what inroads we can make

Into happier states                                                        

                                                                                Newcastle, Ireland

                                                                                20 August 2005




* Many things run side by side, whether or not we are aware of them, whether or not we like or dislike it. There are mountains ranges next to each other; there are rivers that run along parallel valleys. There are people who live quite different lives although they live in the same period or town. When they meet or made to meet, bridges are formed or further walls are built. Favourable communication expands convenience, conflict cuts off any that may be possible.

 In the consciousness, there are also parallel worlds between different minds as well as mental states; between conventional and ultimate realities. Making inroads into this inner world can be most meaningful, as it always is in the deepening of knowledge.

 Volker happens to be the German attendant who was with me when I was in Ireland at that time.


Written by giancarlo.sona.