Pian dei Ciliegi Meditation Centre

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Pian dei Ciliegi Meditation Centre

Bhante Sujiva’s presence has been fundamental to Pian dei Ciliegi since 1998. He is the Centre’s spiritual guide and he has set up his Italian residence there.

His summer and winter retreats, which are held in August and December respectively, are now a well-established tradition. Over the years, longer and private retreats have been introduced which are attended by the more experienced meditators who wish to deepen their practice. A great many yogis come from all over Italy, Europe and the rest of the world to follow a group of teachers, including Bhante Sujiva, who teach vipassana and metta meditation.

At Pian dei Ciliegi, Bhante Sujiva has established the teaching of vipassana meditation practice according to the Burmese tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw. Thanks to his experience and compassion it has also been possible to introduce samatha retreats; or more specifically, Metta or Loving kindness retreats, which is one of the four divine abodes. Because of this, a wider range of teachings is now available at Pian dei Ciliegi.

In recent years other teachers besides Bhante Sujiva have come to teach at Pian dei Ciliegi, and the centre has become a reference point in Italy and Europe for yogis who wish to practice vipassana and metta, not only from the Burmese tradition, but also from the Thai forest tradition.

The Thich Nhat Hanh buddhist community regularly hold meetings at Pian dei Ciliegi, where there is always a huge turnout.

Here are some pictures of the centre and the surrounding area



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