Bhante Sujiva

immagine bhante Venerable Sujiva is a Theravadin Buddhist monk who has devoted his early years to the practice and teaching of vipassana meditation in Malaysia. He is also respected by his students for his compassion and deep understanding of the Buddhist teachings.

As a layman, he studied Buddhism and meditation under the Venerable Paik Wan, a Chinese Chan master. The Venerable donned the robes shortly after graduating from the University of Malaya in Agricultural Science. During his monastic training, he practised under the Venerable Phra kru Dhammapalanana Thera who founded the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre in Penang, Malaysia.

During this period, he also practised under Thai teachers of the forest such as Ajharn Phet a Thai forest teacher at the Thai border with Malaysia. Later he went to the Mahasi Centre in Yangon, Burma and practised under Ovadacariya U Javanabivamsa and the under Ovadacariya U Panditavamsa where he learnt both Samatha and Vipassana technques.

Returning to Malaysia, he set up the Santisukharama Meditation Centre, Kota tinggi,Johor, Malaysia in 1982 where he resided and taught for 15 years, holding countless retreats.

Another milestone in the development of the teaching of Vipassana meditation occured in 1996 where he began conducting retreats abroad starting with Australia. Since then he has held retreats in Hong Kong, Neew Zealand, United States, Czech and Slovak republics, Sweden, Ireland, Switzerland and Italy. In recent years, he had been going also to Netherlands and Germany. He is now based in Pian dei Ciliegi Meditation Centre in Northern Italy.

The venerable has also authored a number of books on Meditation, the most recent being " The tree of wisdom, the river of no return", as well as several books on Buddhist poetry.

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