Mahasi Sayadaw literature

wheel 2In this page you can find links to various Mahasy Sayadaw

Visuddhinanakatha-This  is a summary of the discourse on Visuddhi (purity) andVipassanā-Ñāṇa (insight)

Vipassana-Delivered at the Yangon University Dhammāyon

Vammika sutta-Vammika Sutta is one of the most interesting discourses that reveals the Truth of Buddha's Dhamma

Tuvataka sutta-The discourse is meant toappeal to each type of Devas etc., assembled at the time

To Nibbana via the eightfold path-The book is intended for foreign yogīs in particular for their benefit

Satipatthana vipassana meditation

Purpose of practicing meditation

Sammaparibbajaniya sutta-this  small volume covers various aspects of the noble dhamma, which serves as an antidote to all  ills and misery

Silavanta sutta-Discourse on dhamma concerning full accomplishment of morality

Sallekha sutta-The self-training leading to this goal (the lessening of defilements or kilesa) forms the subject of Sallekha sutta

Sakkapanha sutta-The sutta tells us about the Buddha's dialogue with Sakka, the King of devas and his penetrating analysis of the causes of conflicts, frustrations and sufferings that beset all living beings.

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