Bhante Sujiva  

Buddhist monk and meditation teacher


The benefits of walking meditation-Silananda

meditazione camminataThe Benefits of Walking Meditation

by Sayadaw U Silananda

At our meditation retreats, yogis practice mindfulness in four different postures. They practice mindfulness when walking, when standing, when sitting, and when lying down.


The musician and artist


Play your last piece of music

On your violin of gold and silver,

So that violets and roses may blossom

By the side of your tomb

Paint one last picture

Of your face before you sleep

We will adorn it in carving

On that marble slab before thy grave.

 Death is silent, even your stringed pieces will be quiet,


For the stilling of the volcanoes

vulcanoBrief and dense pamphlet

Ideas, instructions and suggestions about vipassana meditation

written by Bhante Sujiva


The Bride

5bisWhen Death comes in a carriage,

And offers you a bouquet of flowers,

Don on your fancy white gown and lacy veil,

Follow him in steps of grace.

Death’s bride is white, pure white,

While he is dressed in black, obscure black,

His bride’s face is pale, deadly pale,

Her family gathers as shadow pilgrims.


Perhaps it's Capoliveri


Perhaps it's Capoliveri

This is a short collection of poetry that Bhante Sujiva written down during an in Elba Island private retreat. 



The tired traveller

6bisCollapsed onto the ground,

He cannot get up, much less walk.

His staff is now useless,

He must lie down,

Put aside all the burden,

At life’s end there’s nothing that one can keep,

Return the body and all of ones possessions,

Be it wealth, love, name or computers,

Back to the dust and be seen no more,

Lie down, lie low and rest in peace.


Parallel Worlds

sentieri paralleliParallel things - The edge of the Irish Sea,

Waves lapping perpendicularly,


Bodyworld Milano 22-10-2012


When the heart beats,

The over 96,500 arteries and capillaries follow,

The extensive network of nerves sends out countless impulses,

The hundreds of bones, muscles and joints move in unison